JTEKT has developed the “JTEKT Ultra Compact Differential (JUCD)”, which is an ultra-compact differential gear (differential) that integrates a planetary reduction pinion gear and a planetary reduction carrier. Compared to the ultra-compact differential “JUCD” released in August 2022, this JUCD has improved the width reduction effect by about 25 mm. In addition, the JUCD integrated with the planetary reduction carrier doubled the width reduction effect to approximately 50 mm. As a result, the electric drive unit “e-axle” for electric vehicles (EV) has been made smaller and lighter.

In the development of this JUCD, JTEKT’s analysis technology and manufacturing technology cultivated in the automotive parts and machine tool businesses were integrated. By integrating the planetary reduction carrier and the housing (housing) into a cylindrical shape, deformation of the housing during torque transmission is suppressed and variation in tooth contact of the planetary reduction gear is also improved.

The e-axle has multiple product structures. There are “3-axis type” in which the motor and differential are arranged in parallel, and “coaxial type” in which they are arranged on the same axis. JTEKT’s planetary reduction carrier integrated JUCD is compatible with coaxial e-axles.

for more info: https://www.jtekt.co.jp/news/2023/003109.html