Micro Tech has developed an innovative solder ball placement machine that contributes to semiconductor cost reduction. This device uses standing wave vibration to launch solder balls with a diameter of 80 micrometers. The conventional 60-second process can be shortened to just 4 seconds. The device will be available in August for US$55,000.

Currently, due to the spread of smartphones and smartwatches and the miniaturization and sophistication of home appliances, modular substrates equipped with multiple electronic components are becoming more and more miniaturized. Therefore, in order to reduce the area of the board, the number of cases where solder ball mounting is adopted without using connectors is increasing.

Normally, when mounting solder balls, a metal mask is required when applying flux and when manufacturing solder balls. However, Micro Tech’s equipment uses a metal mask only when printing flux, which reduces the amount of metal mask used, eliminates the need for post-processing and cleaning, and reduces costs.

Micro Tech is engaged in the development of semiconductor-related equipment, and also handles screen printers. This device was developed by combining basic technologies of printing technology and vibration technology.

for more info:https://www.e-microtec.co.jp/en.html