Japan and Germany have decided to cooperate in the important technological development of Beyond 5G/6G, the successor to 5G. Research institutes and industries in both countries will conduct joint research and cooperate toward international standardization.

Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) have agreed to cooperate in the development of Beyond 5G. In response to this, we will hold workshops in Japan and Germany and start recruiting international development projects.

International standardization of next-generation communication technology is extremely important for its realization in society. In addition to elemental technologies, compatibility with peripheral technologies, scalability, and interoperability among multiple countries are also required. Japan and Germany will work together while simultaneously advancing personnel exchanges and research and development. Industry, including telecommunications carriers, equipment vendors, ventures, and SMEs, will also participate in this effort.

Germany is rolling out a 6G initiative, planning to invest €700 million (¥104.4 billion) over five years. In Japan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has set up a fund of 66.2 billion yen in the second supplementary budget for fiscal 2022 to accelerate development.