Innophys, a venture launched by Tokyo University of Science, is making waves in the field of wearable work support robotics with its revolutionary “Muscle Suit.” Having garnered significant attention in February 2019 by securing an impressive $5.76 million in funding, the company is now back in the spotlight with the launch of its latest innovation, the “Muscle Suit Exo-Power.”

This advanced assist suit features a cutting-edge technology that amplifies its assistive power through the use of streamlined pneumatic artificial muscles. While boasting a slimmer design compared to its predecessor, the Muscle Suit Exo-Power offers an exceptional level of support, capable of assisting with an additional weight of 27 kilograms. This translates to a reduced burden on the lower back when handling heavy objects or engaging in physically demanding tasks. The price, inclusive of consumption tax, for this remarkable suit is set at $1530.

The development of this new suit was driven by user feedback requesting a more compact and agile design. Innophys, already a prominent player in the market with over 20,000 units shipped, primarily focusing on their flagship product “Every,” caters to a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and nursing care.

With the launch of the Muscle Suit Exo-Power, Innophys continues to push the boundaries of wearable robotics, revolutionizing the way we approach physically demanding work tasks.