Liquid crystal dimming film developed by Kyushu Nanotech Optics (Hijimachi, Oita Prefecture; President: Junichi Baba) has been adopted as the core technology for the dimming panorama roof of the Lexus RZ, a dedicated battery electric vehicle (BEV) model from Toyota Motor Corporation. AGC products were used for the glass portion of the roof, and when combined with Kyushu Nanotech Optics’ LCD dimming film with heat shielding function, the dimming glass can be set without a sunshade while reducing solar heat. This technology was the second vehicle model to adopt this technology after the Harrier.

The dimmable panoramic roof features a dimming mode that instantly becomes transparent when the power is turned on and instantly becomes opaque when the power is turned off. President Baba said, “It was recognized as having good design and merchantability. I hope that products using light technology under the theme of light will be seen by people around the world in their daily lives,” he said. The film is also being studied for use in the agricultural field.

Kyushu Nanotech Optics: