Toray, a leading manufacturer in the industry, has made an exciting announcement regarding its latest development in recycling technology. The company has successfully established a recycling process for glass fiber reinforced polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) resin. This groundbreaking achievement has been accomplished in collaboration with Toray Resin Europe (Hesse), a prominent German marketing and sales company for resin products in Europe.

Through this innovative recycling process, Toray has achieved a remarkable 50% recycling rate for glass fiber reinforced PPS resin, while retaining over 90% of its mechanical strength compared to using virgin raw materials for injection molding. This breakthrough not only ensures the preservation of material integrity but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

According to a comprehensive Carbon Footprint (CFP)-based assessment, the adoption of this recycling process can lead to a significant reduction of approximately 45% in CO2 emissions. Such a substantial decrease in carbon emissions aligns with Toray’s commitment to combat climate change and promote eco-friendly practices.

Moving forward, Toray plans to focus on the development of sample work, primarily targeting European customers. The company intends to introduce its recycled glass fiber reinforced PPS resin, named “Ecouse” TORELINA, to the market starting from the second half of 2023. This innovative product is part of Toray’s wider integrated brand, the “Ecouse” series, which encompasses various recycled materials and products.

Toray’s successful implementation of this recycling process was made possible through a collaborative effort with MKV, their contract processing partner based in Germany. Glass fiber reinforced PPS resin, known for its exceptional flame retardancy, long-term durability, and chemical resistance, finds applications across diverse industries such as automotive, electrical machinery, and electronics.

Traditional recycling methods often posed challenges due to the shortening of glass fibers and subsequent breakage during repeated molding processes. Consequently, it was necessary to limit the recycling rate. However, Toray’s new recycling process effectively addresses this issue, ensuring an enhanced recycling rate and improved sustainability.

Toray’s latest achievement in recycling technology is a significant step towards a greener future. By successfully establishing a recycling process for glass fiber reinforced PPS resin, the company is actively contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and advancing sustainable manufacturing practices in the industry.

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