Yaskawa Electric has forged a capital and business alliance with OishiiFarm, a pioneering strawberry plant factory venture based in the United States. The objective is to establish global leadership in automation within the agricultural and food sectors.

By joining forces with OishiiFarm, Yaskawa Electric will provide automation solutions based on its advanced “i3-Mechatronics” technology to enhance the efficiency of plant factories. The aim is to become a frontrunner in automation for agricultural and food applications on a global scale.

OishiiFarm, headquartered in New Jersey, is renowned for its production and sale of strawberries. It has achieved a remarkable feat as the first company worldwide to realize stable mass production of strawberries using natural pollination by bees. By meticulously replicating essential natural elements such as rain, air, heat, light, and nutrients under optimal conditions for plants, OishiiFarm strives to achieve fully automated strawberry cultivation in the future.

Meanwhile, Yaskawa Electric has set its sights on expanding its presence in the field of mechatronics applications as part of its new medium-term management plan. The company specializes in the development and sale of cutting-edge systems.

Through this strategic capital and business alliance, the Yaskawa Group will supply robots, products, and comprehensive solutions to automate every stage of the process—ranging from seeding, nurturing seedlings, and harvesting to inspection, packaging, and shipping—at the factory.

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