Fujikin, at the forefront of innovation, has unveiled a revolutionary valve designed specifically for the swift refueling of hydrogen in heavy-duty vehicles, including powerful fuel cell trucks. Conventional hydrogen stations faced a formidable challenge due to the prolonged refueling time necessitated by the sizable fuel tanks found in these large vehicles. However, with their groundbreaking valve technology, Fujikin has successfully slashed the refueling time by more than half, introducing a new era of efficiency. This remarkable achievement has garnered the attention of hydrogen infrastructure companies operating in the realm of heavy-duty vehicles, encompassing trucks, buses, construction machinery, and agricultural equipment. Notably, the Fukushima Hydrogen Filling Technology Research Center and other prestigious institutions have promptly seized this opportunity, placing orders for a total of 12 valves, thereby igniting the commencement of operational deployment.

The cutting-edge valve boasts an unprecedented flow rate, propelling the hydrogen gas at an impressive velocity of 1,650 grams per second, surpassing conventional valves by an astounding 2.5 times. Such a significant leap in performance has been made possible through meticulous reevaluation of the internal configuration and the augmentation of thrust within the valve drive mechanism. The outcome is truly remarkable—a sizeable reduction of the originally projected 50% diameter increase to a mere 10%, effectively achieving a harmonious integration into the existing valve dimensions.

The colossal fuel tanks housed within heavy-duty trucks dwarf those typically found in conventional FCVs, resulting in a laborious refueling process that consumes a staggering 22 minutes at conventional hydrogen stations, seven times longer than the norm. However, with Fujikin’s breakthrough valve technology, this arduous endeavor has been streamlined to a mere 10 minutes, allowing for a significant reduction in downtime. Given the extended mileage covered by heavy-duty trucks compared to passenger cars, the need for frequent hydrogen refills becomes increasingly evident, further emphasizing the significance of shortened refueling durations.

In their unwavering pursuit of excellence, Fujikin has also prioritized enhancing valve durability, leading to a notable reduction in maintenance and parts replacement frequency. Furthermore, their commitment to compactness has resulted in downsized valves, delivering substantial cost savings. The anticipated cost reduction effect amounts to an impressive approximately 420,000 yen per hydrogen station on an annual basis.

Fujikin’s remarkable market presence in the realm of hydrogen station valves for conventional FCVs has cemented its domestic dominance, capturing an impressive 70% market share. However, the ever-expanding landscape of Europe and the United States is set to witness the construction of over 200 hydrogen stations catering specifically to heavy-duty vehicles by 2026. Capitalizing on this extraordinary opportunity, Fujikin aspires to secure a substantial market share of 10% or more in the international arena, reinforcing their commitment to innovation and their determination to leave an indelible mark in the heavy-duty vehicle sector.

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