CYBERDYNE, Inc. is a robotics technology company headquartered in Japan. The name CYBERDYNE is a coined word that combines cybernetics and dynamics, and expresses the corporate philosophy of aiming for symbiosis between humans and robots.

CYBERDYNE develops cybernetics technology to complement human physical abilities, and has developed “HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb)” as a representative product. HAL is a robot suit that can sense the movements of the wearer and enhance muscle strength and assist exercise. This suit is used for rehabilitation and daily life support for people with physical disabilities.

Use scene of the body-worn rehabilitation robot “HAL” in the United States

CYBERDYNE has 27 service locations in the United States and plans to add more. As a result, we will expand services for improving physical function at home using HAL and for daily healthcare monitoring.

CYBERDYNE has also officially offered “cybernetic treatments” since January.

HAL’s medical device approval is rapidly progressing overseas, such as in the United States, the European Union (EU), Asia, and the Middle East, and CYBERDYNE’s entry into the global market is about to begin.

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