To address the challenge of boost performance in electrification, Toyo Machinery & Metal has successfully developed and launched the “Ds-EX2 Series” electric die-casting machine.

This new series exhibits a notable improvement of approximately 20% in pressurization performance compared to conventional electric motors with a die clamping force of 350 tons. Additionally, the machine’s overall size has been reduced. By enhancing the boost performance, Toyo Machinery & Metal aims to replace hydraulic motors while retaining the environmental benefits associated with electric motors. Pricing details and sales targets for the series have not been disclosed.

The “Ds-EX2 Series” comprises four models with clamping forces ranging from 125 tons to 500 tons. The boost capability has been optimized through the refinement of the electric unit’s structure and control method. This optimization leads to a shorter time to reach the set pressure and minimizes the occurrence of defects such as “blowholes” caused by residual gas.

The machine operates with hydraulic drive for low-speed injection at the beginning and high-speed injection during the molten metal’s entry into the mold cavity. After filling, the machine switches to electric-driven boosted injection. This approach not only reduces the need for hydraulic oil, but also achieves rapid acceleration during the transition from low-speed to high-speed injection, equivalent to high-performance hydraulic machines, with an acceleration of 100G.

Compared to a hydraulic machine with the same 350-ton capacity, the Ds-EX2 series offers substantial environmental benefits. It reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by approximately 37% and decreases hydraulic oil consumption by around 34%. Furthermore, improvements in the pressure boosting unit’s layout and control method have allowed for space savings, addressing a previous concern associated with electric motors. In the case of the 350-ton model, the overall length is 539 mm shorter than the conventional electric motor and 250 mm shorter than the hydraulic high-spec machine.

Toyo Machinery & Metal has been actively expanding its range of electric motors with low environmental impact since the release of its first electric die-casting machine in 2008.