TSMC, the leading semiconductor foundry, is considering constructing its second factory in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Chairman Liu Deyin mentioned this during a press conference following the shareholders’ meeting on June 6th.

With the support of the Japanese government, TSMC is currently building its first factory in Kumamoto Prefecture, in collaboration with the Sony Group. The second factory is likely to be constructed in close proximity to the first one. Responding to the Japanese government’s request for increasing TSMC’s production capacity in Japan, the company expressed its willingness to comply.

Rapidus aims to achieve mass production of advanced semiconductors in Hokkaido. With a vision to revive Japan’s semiconductor industry, they plan to start trial production lines in 2025, with full-scale production by 2027. The “Hokkaido Valley Concept” has also been introduced, aiming to establish Hokkaido as a major industrial hub, with significant economic benefits expected from the semiconductor sector.

Both Hokkaido and Kumamoto hold expectations for strengthening the foundation of Japan’s semiconductor industry and revitalizing the regional economy.