SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions, the leading company in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, takes pride in its exceptional product lineup and global market share. As part of their latest initiative, they have established a training center in Masaki-cho, Kumamoto Prefecture. This training center serves as a hub for educating personnel involved in the maintenance of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and providing training for engineers, as well as offering maintenance services for their equipment. Additionally, semiconductor manufacturers can also utilize this facility.

This endeavor is undertaken with the recognition of Kyushu’s vibrant semiconductor-related market. The training center, located within the Kumamoto plant, aims to strengthen the service infrastructure in the region. With an investment of approximately 500 million yen, they will install eight units of equipment, including cleaning devices and flash lamp annealing systems, which are part of the company’s portfolio. The training center spans a total floor area of 1,344 square meters and is expected to accommodate up to 1,500 trainees annually.