OKI has developed two types of flexible printed circuit (FPC) that can withstand high heat and high pressure steam environments. These FPCs are offered to semiconductor manufacturing equipment and medical device manufacturers and are priced individually based on customized designs. We are aiming for sales of 100 million yen or more in 2023.

The new products developed are “high heat resistant FPC” and “high pressure steam resistant FPC”. High-heat-resistant FPC withstands high-temperature heat treatment for 1,000 hours in an environment of 200°C, maintains adhesion to the insulating layer, and satisfies standards for electrical properties. On the other hand, the high-pressure steam-resistant FPC can withstand high-pressure steam treatment 250 times in an environment of 132°C, the insulating layer does not peel off, and the electrical characteristics meet the standards.

As a result, FPCs can be used in applications and devices that were previously restricted, allowing manufacturers to achieve greater freedom in device design and higher functionality. Especially for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and medical instruments, there is a growing need for high-temperature heat treatment and high-pressure steam sterilization. Deterioration and peeling failure of the insulating layer, which had been problems up to now, have also been improved.

for more info:http://www.oki.com/jp/press/2023/05/z23016.html